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Higher Gravity, Higher Competition for Affiliates

Believe it or not, competition is a major concern on both the seller side and affiliate side. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that the Gravity Score ONLY reflects those affiliates who successfully make a sale!

For example, let’s say an offer with a gravity of 300 had roughly 500 separate affiliates make a commission in the last 12 weeks. If we’re generous and say that 1 in 5 aspiring affiliates got a sale on this offer, that means another 2000 affiliates tried to promote it and haven’t been able to make a sale yet – but they’re still out there bidding up prices on paid ads and clogging up the organic search results in the meantime!

The gravity simply can’t account for any of the hundreds or thousands of other affiliates who may have tried and failed to promote that hot new offer – which means your competition is likely a lot higher than you think!

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